I  Am My Sister's Keeper​ Breast Cancer Foundation

I  Am My Sister's Keeper​ Breast Cancer Foundation





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  • ​Your donation helps to provide assistance in medical supplies, survivors mastectomy bras, prosthetics, housekeeping and transportation.
  • You will receive a receipt for your taxes​​

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What we do

I Am My Sisters Keeper Breast Cancer Foundation is dedicated to the health, education, support and well-being of all breast cancer patients.

Large Enough to Help You

Involved Enough to Hear You

Small Enough to Know You

I Am My Sisters Keeper Breast Cancer Foundation,created to provide financial assistance for low-income breast cancer patients during treatment.

Our Beneficiary Program for low-income breast cancer patients includes;

Power of the Purse Memorial Investment Program, PPP

  • ​This program was created in memory of low-income breast cancer patients who lost the battle to this evil disease. PPP is an invested memorial fund set aside to assist with the final cost of those succumbed by the disease. The program is funded by donations and sponsorship.

​​Healthy Inside/Pretty Outside

  • Healthy on the inside is a vital part of the program that supports survivors mind and well-being. A support help group for survivors and caregivers.
  • Pretty on the outside​gives the survivors confidence and hope. This part of the program provides  a full makeover by Mari's Makeover. Mariana Mullins, a licensed cosmetologist will customize and create personalized wigs for chemo patients and provide a full makeover and kit. ​​​

Clean and Healthy

  • ​​​Cancer patients immune system is extremely low during treatment. It is important to maintain a clean and healthy environment. The Clean and Healthy Program ​will provide up to 5 home visits for housekeeping service by care.com for low-income breast cancer patients during treatment.

Worry Free Transportation Program

  • This program provides up to 5 roundtrip medical treatment appointments/visits for low-income breast cancer patients. Transportation service by Uber.com

We  promote research, education and  awareness.

Fighting to make sure all breast cancer patients have adequate and equal treatment during their journey.

We champion to be the voice to challenge and raise awareness of the mortality rate for African American breast cancer patients.

  • 1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
  • African American breast cancer patients have a higher death rate than any other race.
  • Women are by nature, natural caregivers with some being heads of household, so focus and attentive to the care of others while failing to attend to their own health needs.
  • Many low-income breast cancer patients fail to receive the necessary care because of their financial situation. Prescription drugs are at a higher rate than ever before. Breast cancer patients are ordered special drugs and medical supplies like prosthetics and prosthetic bras, compressive sleeves to reduce swelling after having surgery. Having chemo and or radiation treatment several times a month, for months on end. In many instances either too sick or simply don't have the financial means to make scheduled appointments.
  • Many prescription drugs ordered for breast cancer patients by their treating physician are not covered by some insurance companies.
  • Breast cancer patients should not have to choose between surviving cancer and financial survival.

I Am My Sisters Keeper Breast Cancer Foundation

supports the fight to find a cure and fight to make sure all breast cancer patients receive affordable medical treatment and care needed to help fight this horrible disease.

Fighting for financial survival while fighting to stay alive is not acceptable.

501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization